The Land of Grace, a novel by Mike Burrell
The Land of Grace, a novel by Mike Burrell

Welcome, everyone, to my website. A special welcome to all my fellow Elvis fans. Let’s keep on loving Elvis. But maybe not as much as the denizens of The Land of Grace,  a fictional place and the title of my first novel.

The Land of Grace, published by  Livingston Press, is a satirical novel that tells a story of family, hero worship and the basic human need for myths. Kirkus Reviews called it “An intoxicating tale that’s simultaneously gaudy and exquisite.”


Protagonist Doyle Brisendine is an impressive Elvis tribute artist. But it’s not enough for him to look and sound like Elvis. He secretly wants to be Elvis. He thinks he’s died and gone to Elvis heaven when a beautiful young woman takes him to a replica of the King’s Graceland mansion. At first, he thinks the place is some kind of amusement park, staffed with actors playing people from Elvis’ life, including the Memphis Mafia and an impersonator who looks like Elvis in his last days. But he quickly learns that he’s in the midst of a zealous cult built around the worship of the King, led by a ruthless high priestess called Mama. When he talks about leaving, his status changes from honored guest in the faux mansion to shackled prisoner in a duplicate of Elvis’ humble Tupelo birthplace where he’s fed a ration of Elvis-centric gospel laced with a regimen of potent drugs. To survive, Doyle will have to attempt an impossible escape from the heavily guarded compound or pay the very high price of becoming the King of Rock and Roll.

Mike Burrell


Mike Burrell, author
Mike Burrell

I was born and raised in DeKalb County, Alabama. I now live in Birmingham, Alabama with my wife, Debra. I’ve earned my living as a farm laborer, a grocery clerk, a military intelligence analyst, a revenue agent, and a lawyer. I received an MFA in creative writing from Queens University of Charlotte. My short fiction has appeared in Southern Humanities Review, The McGuffin, Kennesaw Review, and the Livingston Press anthology, Climbing Mt. Cheaha: Emerging Alabama WritersThe Land of Grace is my first novel.


Elvis, 1956

If you don’t find me waxing nostalgically about America of the nineteen-fifties, it’s because for much of that decade my family owned neither a telephone, an automobile, nor indoor plumbing. We lived so far back in the sticks, my mother and I had to flag down the Greyhound bus out on U.S. 11 and ride …


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