Mike Burrell, author
Mike Burrell

Welcome to the website of a man in the midst of the fifth, or maybe the sixth, reinvention of himself. This time, I’m making a change from lawyer to novelist. While information about my first novel, The Land of Grace, will take up most of the space on this website for now, I’ll try to comment on that reinvention in the blog section. I promise I won’t cliché you to death by calling whatever I’m doing a life journey or a search to find myself.  I already know where I am. I’m right here inside my home office in Birmingham, Alabama, typing on my MacBook.  For some reason I’m compelled to write stories, but I would be perfectly happy to do nothing more than live in this house with my beautiful wife, Debra. Believe me, if I start navel gazing, it’ll bore me way before it does you.

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